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Dating damon howatt bows

Plus Gail Martin of Martin Archerys' own account of the acquisition of the Howatt Plant directly from the Howatt family after Damons' death (google search Damon Howatt & view the 14th return, *Visit to the Martin Archery factory in Walla Walla, Washington, USA* by Abbey Archery, Australia for Gails' account of the purchase). the #8 on this bow could have been gerald remby or another guy that was gone when i started in 1961. Followup: Larry has confirmed that Damon died in 1965. And per Larrys' reply above, the 1st number of my 5-digit serial number likely ID's the bowyer; this method pre-1963.So I'm going to trust Archery World & Gail Martin as believable on this. Serial #DE 35929 in black ink lettering in the sight window above the shelf. There is paint/thin paper covering the white glass limbs and then the limb edges are sanded to show the white glass. The Howatt Hunter decal on my bow (no Mamba label) signifies this to be the 1st year the venerable Howatt Hunter was made.

Tips & all else are excellent with some riser finish checking when observed at the right angle to the light. Sorry, I've no digital camera but if you look for completed sales @ Ebay you will find pictures; the item # is 270512975802 and item description is Early Damon Howatt Hunter Recurve Bow RH50# Nice Bow.Back then Larry was bowyer #8 after the previous #8 was no longer there. I don't recall any decals on the bow, although there probably was.This bow and I spent a lot of hunting time together and I'm sure the decals probably came off in the mountains somewhere.There is some slight discoloration on the backside of the lower limb that looks as if it may have been covered by a decal at some point in time.I will try to contact Larry Hatfield as you suggested. dana c, we made an eldorado diablo in 1959 and an diablo in 1960 that were 58" long.

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BTW, Correction: Howatt Plant bowyer #1 was Peter Braur, not Brawn as I previously wrote above.

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