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You shouldn’t have to be told that it is pretty much a hard and fast rule that you should never get busy at the office—or anywhere on company grounds. Act as though you could be replaced any day and avoid doing the things that will give your boss cause to have to replace you. Don’t develop wacky illnesses or kill off fake elderly relatives. Always stay in tune with your boss’s concept of your job performance—not your own.You should adopt a zero tolerance policy about lying. Always check in to take his or her temperature to make sure they think you’re pulling your weight. It should go without saying, but: don’t be abusive. There’s no place for this in everyday life or in the workplace.If you happen to leave your job before this trip and they try to deduct the cost of the ticket from your final paycheck, let them know (nicely) that you never agreed to assume that expense and that they’re not authorized to deduct it from your paycheck.

It’s not enough to bring in clean pee for the interview process. Stop using whatever it is you’re using and focus on your career. And don’t ever come to work or try to do your work intoxicated. Padding your expense account is basically stealing from your company. Don’t throw in a bunch of bogus expenses hoping for a payout and that no one will notice. Do not vent this in any public forums—least of all social media.

If you have even the slightest hesitation, chances are it’s not a good idea.

In my almost four decades on this planet, I’ve had a lot of jobs: working at fast food restaurants, in retail, at nonprofits, movie studios, global technology companies, and being an entrepreneur.

But as varied as all my careers have been, there has been one similarity running through all of them: At one point or another I needed to deal with jerks.

Sometimes these jerks were customers, sometimes they were big-monied clients, then there were the jerks who were coworkers, and worst of all was the jerk who was the boss.

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Whatever the specifics, every company usually has a couple of rules that shall not be broken—and if you break them, you’re out. Whether it’s dating subordinates, dating coworkers at all, lateness, or something else entirely, you should find this out within your first week and be very mindful never to break it. Most of the good ones have an off-color or racy element—which has no place on the job.

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