Dating cancer male

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Cancers are charming to the core, so it’s easy to see how your man won you over.

His demeanor is soft, gentle, and soothing so he can make you feel totally relaxed in his presence. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if you started out on a friendship level first, only to find the relationship evolved over the course of time.

But, beware, once you have seen his vulnerable side and he trusts you, he may very well let loose his inner animal in the bedroom too!

While having sex is about love for the Cancer Man, when with his love, a bit of carnal desire and some chocolate flavored bedroom fun is perfectly acceptable to him too!

He will demonstrate his respect and regard for her through chivalrous action and tender loving care.

In the bedroom, he can be as gentle and tender as he is outside of it.

The Cancer Man is the kind of guy who can take anything with a grain of salt.

But, the truth of the matter is, he is only as strong as that “thin” outer shell allows.

You’ll find your Cancer Man might overly obsess about what people are thinking of him, and this is rooted deeply in fear of abandonment and rejection.Basically, he’s a big old softie who gets hurt oh so easily, even if he doesn’t show you just how much he’s hurting.When you are in love with a Cancer, you will find the depth of his emotions both attractive and frightening simultaneously!Yet, if you remain true to yourself as well as your Cancer Man, you’ll do quite well in keeping his interests.Just don’t even give off a hint of disingenuousness or that trust can be lost in the blink of an eye! It’s one small thing, and it’s a trivial thing really.

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If he is allowing you into his life and he is willing to become emotionally involved, he sees something in you that is worth trusting.

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