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Of course, with no credit or limited credit, you’re highly unlikely to qualify for the most attractive credit card offers on the market.

That being said, you can use your first credit card account to help you start building credit.

It is a mistake to assume that you have no credit history without first checking your three credit reports.

To be eligible for a valid Vantage Score credit score, your credit report must meet the following minimum criteria: You can satisfy the minimum scoring criteria of both scoring systems with a single account or with multiple accounts.

Federal law allows you to claim a free copy of all three of your credit reports from Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian once every 12 months. Believe it or not, everyone does not have a credit score.

When it comes to credit scores, your reports must first be eligible or qualified before you can receive one.

If you manage your new account or accounts properly, you will establish credit and be able to leverage it for the future, and eventually, you may be in the position to qualify for more coveted credit card offers, like the ones named after precious metals.

As a credit newbie, you will be better off searching for credit card offers designed for your specific situation.

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Don’t look for the “excellent credit required” credit card options, as you’ll likely be turned down if you apply for such offers.

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