Dating antique china dolls

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Dating antique china dolls

They were not mass-produced for commercial purposes. The first mass-manufactured dolls were made from papier machè.

Papier machè is a mixture of paper, paste, and water, and was first used in the 1820s.

Here is a list of some of the materials used historically for doll-making. The earliest dolls were handmade, using wood or cloth.

They were made by parents or relatives for children, or made for ceremonial purposes.

And finally, some collectors look on dolls as an investment.

As with any collection, a doll collection can be a hedge against inflation.

China is a ceramic substance with a porcelain-glazed finished.Sometimes the origin, ethnicity, or historical significance of the doll are what draws a collector.Traditional Japanese dolls dressed in kimonos, or African dolls swathed in colorful kente cloth, or old-fashioned rag dolls may appeal to people interested in other cultures or particular historical periods. Children throughout the ages have enjoyed playing with dolls, and many adults retain a fondness for the dolls they played with in childhood.Babies find comfort by snuggling with dolls, and preschoolers see them as friends and companions.

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Many popular dolls, such as Barbie®, have increased in value over the years, and certain editions of a particular doll can sell for sizeable amounts of money. Nineteenth-century bisque dolls made by French manufacturers such as Bru and Jumeau be worth almost $22,000 today.