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Is it fraternization if an Army Officer is dating a Marine Emlisted SNCO? Relationship formed outside of military and no chance of ever working together. Stateside Lawyer's Assistant: Have you talked to anyone in the chain of command about this?

Two active duty members, one officer and one enlisted, may not be in a dating relationship, even across branches.

Graham then said that he had not had sex only with her, but also had sex with Jones.

Zamora began screaming and hitting her head against the floor, shouting, "Kill her, kill her." She said that beginning December 2, they tried to get in touch with Jones and Graham continually tried to calm Zamora down.

each had issues "beneath the surface" that were reflected at times in their behavior.

Court TV said that, "from a surface view, no one would have expected that Diane and David would become a lethal combination.

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Zamora confessed the crime to her roommates, which ultimately led to notification of the local police in Texas.

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