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Someone who is careless or neglectful will leave you feeling even lonelier and sadder than before you began to date.A partner who is responsible and trustworthy will not make you needlessly worry; he will help you rebuild your trust and confidence.Look for a man who is not easily swayed by trends or gossip and possesses a clear vision of who he is and what it is he wants out of life.

Having the rug pulled out from under you may inculcate fear of abandonment or other anxieties.Hailing from California, Ann Mazzaferro is a professional writer who has written for "The Pacifican," "Calliope Literary Magazine" and presented at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference.Mazzaferro graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the Pacific.Is he constantly trying to one-up or outdo those around him?In discussions does he allow everyone the freedom of their opinions, or does he try to convince them that his is the only right way?

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The less confident a partner is in what he can offer a relationship, the faster he will start comparing himself to your previous partner in his own mind.

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