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"If a person makes [it] known that they never want to get married, or they are not looking for something serious, or that they do not want kids, listen to that," Safran advises."People usually don't say things that they don't mean."On a less future-focused note, if you're looking for a serious relationship right now and they want something more casual, that's definitely something you should learn about them from the get-go.

If someone wants to continue seeing you, "it's safe to say they are into you, want to know more, and you both are having a great time," Trombetti says.But before you determine if you can really see this person as part of your future, experts recommend knowing these four things by the end of the third date.Make sure you genuinely enjoy this person's company!It's never fun to hear that someone you're developing feelings for is moving away, no matter the reason, and especially if you can see a potential future with them."If you meet someone and they tell you that they might be moving for a job or other reasons, you may think twice about how much you want to invest," says Safran. "I am talking about the sparks that make you like someone more the longer you know them." This kind of chemistry is beyond just a physical attraction.

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"If you are dreading the dates or worry too much if you have enough in common, you might have answered your own questions about where this should head," Stefanie Safran, Chicago-based matchmaker, tells Elite Daily.

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