Dating a libra man with a pisces woman dating a cat lady

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A libra man has an inclination towards pink, purple and green, although in subtle, muted shades.Unless you have an impeccable color coordination, it is not a wise idea to mix all the three! Hence, a CD of their favorite artist or concert tickets for 2 could never go wrong.That being said, Libra men find it very difficult ( and sometimes straight impossible) to make decisions.They can be a great mediator in any odd situation, assess both sides and empathize with both parties– because of which they cannot see a situation as black or white.Although the libra man prefers conservative clothing himself, he admires the elegance and loves an interesting dress sense.Hence, it is advisable to go for an elegant and stylish outfit portraying exclusivity.Even though Libra men have diplomatic tendencies, they love to know other’s point of view in any given situation.

Their manner of talking and a charming smile can easily make a woman fall for them.

On the positive side, Libra men research thoroughly and obtain loads of information in order to make a well-informed and thoroughly calculated decision.

Libra men also are very calm and composed, and rarely get involved in arguments, if ever.

Being romantic at heart, the clichéd candle light dinner is a BIG DO!

If you’re having them come over to your place, dress well and keep the atmosphere posh, and home, tidy!

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