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Dating a gynecologist

They never ask where you and Kevin met, so really it’s their fault for not being more specific. They think it’s because there’s going to be some cute story about spilling coffee on each other or picking up the wrong drink, and when you assure them there isn’t, they still don’t believe you.

But you know they’d rather hear the coffee shop version over the truth, no matter how unsatisfying it is, because the few times you responded with “He was my gynecologist,” people suddenly realized they had to go to the bathroom or that their drink was empty, and when they leave you, you know they aren’t coming back.

He is a doctor, your doctor, and therefore has "power" over you. I think think you should NOT consider someone like this even in the slightest. If you decide to get to know him, you will likely learn the hard way this guy is fucking dangerous, and not in a hot way.

By power I mean he is in a place of authority over you, like a teacher, because you go to him for expertise. A guy like this will not respect your boundaries or you, just given a situation like this.

I’d like to think it’s not a factor, but because I’m gay, perhaps there’s an added layer of trust. I’ll be giving a pap and someone will say, “You want to meet my kid’s drama teacher?

” “Women’s health care is far superior.”I don’t care what they say: Women’s health care is far superior than men’s health care, and I wanted in.

” and you replied “Gynecologist,” she just said “Oh,” which you know from your childhood really means “Oh, honey…” in that southern, condescending drawl she has, and you tried to explain to her and convince yourself that it wouldn’t be weird, that it wouldn’t bother you that he looked at and touched other women’s boobs and vaginas all day long, that he had seen so many that they probably didn’t even phase him anymore, but what you didn’t realize until after three years of marriage was that he looked at you that way too, that he wasn’t turned on by your naked body but instead only noticed when something smelled funny down there and offered to test you for a yeast infection, or when you wanted to cuddle after sex and he refused until you went to the bathroom and peed so that you wouldn’t get a urinary tract infection, but what really upset you was when you were ready and had worn your sexy bra and underwear set and he would say he’d already “seen enough vaginas for one day” or that he didn’t want to bring his work home with him, and that’s when you called your mom, and a lawyer to draft divorce papers, and then your dentist Dave because maybe you have a cavity but also maybe because he is a young, single, attractive man, and when he says you have good teeth, he really means he loves your smile, and when he says you take perfect care of them, he’s really saying that you’re perfect, but the best part about him is that he’s a different type of doctor, one who doesn’t look at other women’s genitalia all day, and you can definitely tell people how you and Dave met."I don't want to be alone" is not a good reason to go out with someone who seems to be trying to take advantage of young women who are his patients. I agree but I'm not sure why do I'm uncomfortable with this. We as a society trust our doctors to be honorable and trustworthy people. Maybe you're not the first young girl he has asked out? It happens: the future - if something feels weird it probably is weird. Do you have any close friends, siblings, parents, or other relatives you can talk to about this? Another thing no one else has brought up yet - why do YOU want to go out on a date with him anyway? It's just because he saw me naked before the first date I think and maybe I should get over it. If you have to block your number - block your number! Street” is your go-to response anytime anyone asks where you and Kevin met, which people always seem to ask at office parties or neighborhood cookouts or other coupley events.It’s not entirely a lie because you did meet him there…for your first date, that is.

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I gave him my phone number but I feel a bit weird, one thing is that he is about 35 and I'm just 20 and I think his intentions are quite clear since he saw me naked first... I'm not a doctor but this is highly unprofessional. I am very seriously concerned for your safety - and the safety of other girls this man may be in contact with.