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Did a total make over of the bath with all new except the toilet for 0, just about unheard of. Really paid attention to all purchases and got some super good prices. Your typical complete rewire might run K in most areas by a contractor.

Sometimes when buying an insurance policy you should shop around in order to find the one that best fits what you need.

Even if you have forced air heating, you may have to add additional vents for air conditioning, get the ducts blown out, etc, new registers, etc. My husband (a residential electrician), says a "heavy up" (service change, upping it to 200 amp) is an all day job: replace meter outside, replace main panel inside, bring grounding up to code.

It is several thousand dollars more for them to add a completely new duct/vent system - it really depends on the size of your house and where in the country you live. In our area (DC) it would probably run 00-2000 (labor, materials, permits, miss utility, inspectors, etc).

The condenser (noise making element) is outside like a central AC unit, and then you install several "air handlers" though out the house.

The air handlers have freon lines going back to the condenser and they have built in quiet fan units that push out the cold air. You also use a smart thermostatjcontroller just like a central air unit.

That in conjunction with a complete evaluation of weather tightness, windows, doors etc.

Upgrading insulation values, quality of windows, doors can reduce the size of unit required, saving some money.

(i'm happy to do cosmetic fixes, but don't mess with electricity myself )I can't help you on the electrical but I will tell you that the cost of adding air conditioning depends on the size house you have and the size of the air conditioner (output) that you get and also whether or not you already have forced air heating with ducts/vents already in place.

It was a first-rate system (Ruud brand) and worked great.

We saved some $$ by not installing the resistance-heat coils (i.e.

I just did this in a complete remodel of a seven room house. Heating: I also replaced the entire heating system with a 70,000 BTU/Hr high efficiency natural gas fired furnace, 93% efficient. It is just an add on heat exchanger with A/C unit, can be installed in future if desired. I choose to use the service of the HVAC folks because little savings in me trying to procure all the necessary materials myself. When you have a house with old wiring, best to do a complete gut, do not reuse any of it, very risky.

I did all the rip out work and routing for new ductwork, wiring required, some of the piping work. You want all new just like new construction properly installed.

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In order to save money, review your policy when it’s up for renewal each year.