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Consolidating warehouse network

Min, “Consolidating a Warehouse Network: A Physical Programming Approach,” International Journal of Production Economics, Vol.

To move data into a data warehouse, data is periodically extracted from various sources that contain important business information.

Because data comes from a broad range of sources, consolidation allows organizations to more easily present data, while also facilitating effective data analysis.

Data consolidation techniques reduce inefficiencies, like data duplication, costs related to reliance on multiple databases and multiple data management points.

Search for the most efficient and practical solutions to any weaknesses in your operation. You may need to consider how to improve your warehouse facility, the equipment and staff processes. When assessing your plan financially consider the following: 6. After making a financial and qualitative assessment, you are ready to draft an official master strategy for your warehouse.

Find any way you are able to erase flaws in the way things are run. This should include the following items: Please keep in mind that your strategic plan is a work in progress and will always require continual amendments.

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In this article, Darren Woollard from DMG Freight, offering supply chain management services, gives you six tips for creating a warehouse strategic plan. This will involve looking at your current facilities.

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