Companys can not stop employees from dating each other

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One prohibits federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their pay with one another.

The other requires contractors to provide compensation data on their employees, including race and sex.

Before I left, she had something to add.“Make sure you don’t talk about your salary with anyone,” she said sweetly, as if she was giving advice to her own son.

“It causes conflict and people can be let go for doing it.” (This is to the best of my recollection, not verbatim.) It wasn’t all that surprising to hear this from a corporate HR manager. Just three months earlier, some of my coworkers at the coffee shop told me that our bosses, who worked in the office on salaries, and even the owner, got a higher cut of the tips than we did.

Gag rules violate a fundamental labor right and allow for discriminatory pay schemes.

Given their illegality, why are gag rules so common?

After I had worked for three months through a temp agency, the firm offered me a spot on their payroll.

is also unlawful under the National Labor Relations Act," Estlund added.

The law would both strengthen penalties to employers who retaliate against workers for discussing pay and require employers to provide a justification for wage differentials.

These reforms are necessary to address this widespread, illegal problem that the law has failed to address for decades.

And yet, gag rules thrive in workplaces across the country.

In a report updated this year, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that about half of American employees in all sectors are either explicitly prohibited or strongly discouraged from discussing pay with their coworkers.

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That’s when they told me not to talk about it with the other baristas.

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