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Colin ferguson felicia day dating

Apparently his file at GD contains the phrase “inappropriately pressed buttons” thirty-seven times, which is often the cause of whatever disaster is befalling Eureka this week.Notable guest stars include Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day.The episode begins with Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) working overtime to ensure that Holly Marten’s (Felicia Day) funeral/memorial goes off without a hitch.After all, this ceremony is for Fargo (Neil Grayston), …Read the Rest Welcome Eureka fans, From the previous weeks show we are literally dragged into the Global Dynamics lab with Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Henry (Joe Morton) trying to keep Sheriff Jack Carter’s (Colin Ferguson) brain from crashing, like a computer drive.The most sought after tickets, however, are those golden stubs that get fans into the press events and parties where they can rub elbows with their favorite stars.

This year’s intimate event was hosted by e One at the Sidebar in San Diego and had less than 200 in attendance but it still felt liked a packed house in the small bar on 5th Avenue.Not that everything goes smoothly in Eureka, by any means. Instead, we are treated each episode to experiments and projects gone thrillingly awry–from a personal shielding unit that refuses to shut off to an accidentally launched experimental unmanned spacecraft…just so happens to be manned at the moment.Into this high-IQ environment is thrust former US Marshall Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), the town’s newly-assigned sheriff, and his rebellious daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson).Things did not turn out as planned…..but, wedding bells have rung bringing us right into …Read the Rest Welcom back Eureka fans! So, while I know that Syfy’s Eureka does not end for another few weeks, (on a day that will be dark and sad for all, I am sure), did Monday’s last episode feel like a rehearsal or was …Read the Rest Welcome back Eureka fans!This episode is called “Ex-Machina” written by Andrew Cosby, Amy Berg, and Jamie Paglia.

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