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Nevertheless, I see a herd of movie people grazing off together, and I naturally follow to see where they are going. The first rush that we see is when John Le Guizamo, who is playing Tybalt, dies.Tybalt dies by the sword in most renditions of Romeo and Juliet, but in this new modernized version he gets shot by a handgun that would make Dirty Harry blush.

” Leonardo Di Caprio calls out as he arrives on the set of Romeo and Juliet. ” reply a several burly crew members who are struggling with a large piece of equipment–their biceps strain to lift it, but their smiles are easy.And on the last take, after he has been soaked and emotional and said his line ten times in a row, he takes yet another hop off the platform he is standing on, but this time he does it with a little delicate leap, very girlish and comic, as though he were making fun of a ballerina, and the whole screening room erupts in laughter.It really is funny, and I don’t mean to torture you, dear reader, with this tid-bit that will not under any circumstances make it into this movie, but my god it was funny. Death’s Pale Flag (V iii) It’s later that night, and it is time for the men’s room shot.Leonardo is wearing tight black pants and shiny black shoes and no shirt. They swim around, gulping, the only living things in the whole sprawling place who are oblivious to the presence of Leonadro di Caprio.The set is located in huge cavernous sound stage, a dark cool airplane hangar located in Mexico City.

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( or: shot with a very groovy looking gun that seems sufficiently heavy and powerful that Arnold Schwartzenaeger himself would grimace if he had to lift it.) In the first rush Leguizamo stands there while several bullets rip into his torso. His face goes slack and incredulous – “Am I to die? They seem to have shot about twenty takes of Tybalt being shot and killed.

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