Christina hendricks dating history

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I decided very early on — there must have been a line or something where I said — “When this woman walks through the office, she is absolutely certain that someone’s looking.” [laughs] Like, “at least one or two people in this room have stopped working to look and watch [Joan] walk across the room.” Which is kind of a bitchy thing to think, but it’s also a fun thing to play. And I think she had some accidental feminist movements in the beginning that turned into her pursuing it and taking charge of it and being more in control of it.

We had discussed it several times, because there are moments where they would cross and make a joke or something, and so we had discussed that […] she’s like, “I got your number, I know who you are,” and he’s like, “I got yours.I will always miss it, but I have to be grateful at all the doors it opened for me. I think there definitely is respect; even early on when Joan was just being downright mean to Peggy sometimes.One great thing about Peggy is she’s always listening and taking in the information and then being like, “Is that true? ” [laughs] And she may not change or she may not do it, but she’s internalizing it and there’s so many scenes between the two of them where they’re comparing my way versus your way, and I always really liked that.What I was really surprised about is before I started the show, I didn’t know that I’d ever met that many people in advertising. People are like “I work for this,” and I’m like “Wow!” I had no idea — everywhere I go people are in advertising. Well, most of the time they were coming back saying, “Boy, Matt really got it right.” You know, “I really remember that, I really remember that.” Oftentimes their stories were very similar to the things that I read originally when I was doing research for the character, when Matt said read “Sex and the Single Girl” or read “Sex in the Office.” These sort of expectations of a woman in the office, and even just the way you would set up your desk. If a man wants to come by, he’ll stay longer and talk to you if you’ve got a little sweet for him,” you know.

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” So when we realized that it was going to be helpful in so many different ways, it became the accordion. I think she’s somehow learned from a lot of her mistakes or a lot of her situations, so I think it turned her into a different kind of woman.