Christian daily devotions for dating couples

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Christian daily devotions for dating couples

The Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo goes beyond what a single pair of hands could accomplish “in range, rhythm and technique.” The two performers don’t play the same notes, but they create single seamless pieces of music with an impeccable sense of timing.Both are incredibly talented and could be performing as soloists, but together they push musical boundaries to create even more. Oneness means working together toward the same goal.And you’ll revive that which caused you to marry in the first place.Application Lord, we know nothing is too hard for You.Marriages today are crumbling at a high rate — not because we no longer get along, but because we have lost sight of the blessing tied to a biblical marriage. Yet because we have made second things first, as important as second things are, we are having trouble living out either.Marriage is not merely a social contract; it is a sacred covenant. When God’s purpose and principles for marriage are undermined, then His image becomes distorted.Show us how to do this within our crazy life.”This meant that we didn’t commit ourselves to following a strict regimen. Or to only doing couples devotions at a specific time of day.

Application Certain things just can’t be done, and someone is always there to tell us what they are: “TV won’t be able to hold any market after the first six months.

It is not simply a means of looking for love, happiness and fulfillment. Kingdom couples must view marriage through God’s kingdom lens.

Marriage is a covenantal union designed by God in order to strengthen the capacity of each partner to carry out His plan in their lives. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother, and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.” — Mark 10:6-8 (NASB) Imagine what an impressive concert pianist can do, then multiply times two — on a single piano.

There’s no right or wrong answers here as long as God’s Word and prayer play a major part of the time. Our favorite couples devotion is Consecrated Conversations from our dear friends Mike and Carlie Kercheval.

I love that these couples devotions are meant to, as they put it, “teach you how to have holy conversations with your spouse.”Yes! This marriage devotional doesn’t just give you a Bible verse to read, but it includes meaningful commentary, a sample prayer and then discussion questions on important marriage topics.

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Closing the door keeps us focused on each other and on God during couples devotions.

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