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Kang-hee Choi's Estimated Net Worth, Age, Biography, Career, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki.Scroll below to learn details information about Kang-hee Choi's Salary, Earning, Cars, and Income Reports.Choi has decided to take the leading female role in new romantic action series “The War of Mystery Couple” [translated title], the drama’s production company Apple Tree Pictures told the magazine Tuesday.The “Protect the Boss” heroin is set to describe an undercover agent Kim Seo-won who has all the qualities she needs for the job but money.Even a farewell kiss offends Hwang with its perceived casualness.Yet despite these blows one simple fact remains; Hwang loves Mina, that’s why he never turned her in to the cops and it’s a heartbreaking moment when Mina pleads with Hwang to come to Italy with her.Actress Choi Kang Hee recently made a guest appearance on SBS variety talk show “Hwashin” on May 14.The actress had a chance to address rumors that she and fellow co-star Joo Won from “Level 7 Civil Servant” might be dating.

Poor Hwang has no idea of what’s going on behind his back – an attempt by Baek to seduce him simply underlines how much he loves Mina – and the penny only begins to drop when a dinner date with work colleagues exposes Mina’s ignorance of the literature and art she professes to love.

All this has the trappings of farce but that isn’t the way director Jae-gon wants to go and he skilfully keeps the romantic, comic and crime elements grounded and believable.

Moreover he keeps our interest and empathy in both characters strong because we know things aren’t as straightforward as Hwang thinks.

” the moment takes an unexpectedly poignant turn as Mina surveys the happy couples around her and tells Hwang she’s just a girl who wants to laugh and be happy.

This hits home because in Gang-hee’s performance one senses a good girl from the wrong side of the tracks doing her best to escape a rotten past and start a new life.

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She struggles to develop her own career and life but Gilro [played by Joo] is the only barrier on her way.

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