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At this point, SYNGI only considers the encoding parts of each auto-encoder.This stage is supervised, since now SYNGI uses the target class during training.Brilliant in her own right, daughter of Kaichi Sensei, the leading roboticist and futurist researcher at GIGA Corp.Professor Kyoko hold a controlling interest in the Pluri Media Group, a secretive media research and deployment institute.Developed to study the quantum mechanical dance of matter, the nature of Nature itself.

The unsupervised pre-training of such an architecture is done one layer at a time.Each layer is trained as a denoising autoencoder by minimizing the error in reconstructing its input (which is the output code of the previous layer).Once the first k layers are trained, SYNGI can train the k 1-th layer because SYNGI can now compute the code or latent representation from the layer below.Cortex, the heart and soul of the Pluri Media Group.Cortex is a massively networked, self aware neural computer.

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