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Catholic dating guilt sex

Plus, I have anxiety and the idea of making myself stand out was just not in the cards.

Even the college I attended (that I chose) was a small, Christian college, where many of the students held the same beliefs as I was raised with.

The summer I turned 16 was the summer that puberty hit me like a runaway train. It’s as if I had been a green mango all my life and suddenly I was ripening, there were all these colors growing inside of me. When my first boyfriend confessed his feelings to me, we were in his home. He kissed me, and I felt so many things that I wanted to cry. I was 18 when my boyfriend began climbing through my bedroom window almost nightly.

I'm almost 40 and still deal with some Catholic guilt from time to time though it's gotten much easier to dismiss when it does come up.

However, know that you're doing the right thing for you.

It hasn't bothered me before, but now its awful. How do I not let my parents' beliefs (and my upbringing) make me horribly guilty just because my new beliefs do not align with theirs?

tl;dr Raised Catholic, not anymore, still plagued by pangs of Catholic guilt/panic/anxiety, especially when it comes to sex.

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It's a long journey and I'm still working through remnants of guilt from the church, but it is getting better. This subreddit is for any and all ex-Catholics to talk, educate, discuss and maybe even bitch about their experiences within the Catholic Church.