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He also acknowledges that not everyone is in the position to finance a farm business.He’s been active working with legislators and community groups to brainstorm ways to make small farming more attractive and accessible to other entrepreneurs.They had four beautiful children, Shane had advanced quickly in the medical sales industry, and they were earning a substantial household income.But as Shane’s career obligations became overwhelming, he began to seek another path.A dozen hens, a vegetable garden, and a few goats kick-started what would become Shane’s new life passion of farming. I wanted to talk about the farm all day.” But farm life began to conflict with work life, and Camman realized he needed to make a decision: buckle down and pursue the next promotion or sacrifice his lucrative sales career to follow his passion.

According to the USDA’s economic research service, Americans spend less money on food than people in any other nation, on average about six percent of their income.

Much of the American diet is composed of nutritionally void packaged corn and soy-based food products and “factory-farmed” meat and dairy.

“Everyone has something they are willing to pay a premium for; it’s just not [always] food,” he says.

Unbeknownst to Shane, the farmland adjacent to the home (now owned by the couple) had been rented to area farmers for years for soy, corn, and other commercial crops.

Around that same time, the Camman family began investigating their food sources, reading food labels and agriculture books, and transitioning to an organic-based diet.


The hard work has not diminished his electric smile and contagiously positive attitude.