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The Key Value is a string of values, separated by '-'.This makes it compatible with the octobercms / ajax and templating.So, django model automatically creates id as a primary key and giving me error while posting the data. class Meta: managed = False db_table = 'IMPT_Customer' from import models class Impt Customer(models. Auto Field(primary_key=True, db_column='Customer Id') # Field name made lowercase.But our latest Narratively story isn't available online.This post walks you through the steps required to convert a TM1 model from using standard TM1 security to using Cognos CAM security, which is connected to the directory server.In technical parlance, to change from Integrated Security Mode 1 to Integrated Security Mode 5. • Power interface – 5VDC, 1.5 Amp(micro USB) • Micro SD Card Slot (up to 64 GB) • Reset port • In-built microphone & Speaker (for 2 way communication) Q.

I found this for laravel, Treats/blob/master/src/Model/Traits/Has Composite Primary Then I adapt it to October CMS below: The Key Name is a string concatenation of composite keys.

When TM1 (or Planning Analytics) is first set up or you activate a sample model (like Planning Sample, Proven Techniques, GO New Stores, GO Scorecards, SData or 24Retail), they have standard TM1 security.

If you are using TM1 in a corporate environment you will probably want to connect your TM1 models to your company’s Active Directory server.

The feed from the cube cameras can be accessed wirelessly (Wi-Fi) through a router, on the PC, Laptop, tablet and Smartphone via the application.

Is there a provision for connecting the cube camera with a sim card?

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Cube cameras are ideal for Home CCTV and other similar indoor IP CCTV applications where cost-effective indoor CCTV monitoring with remote access is required.