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Bush dating long nia reggie

Face it interracial relationships are here to stay and hating on them only shows what a bigot you are.

Lexilex: Not much of an Reggie fan, regardless of who he dates.

Reggie was a part of the Kardashian family for over five years and deep down Kim has always held out hope that they would end up together, even though she married Kris Humphries.

“She feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn’t with her.” According to In Touch Weekly, Reggie’s Kim Kardashian look-alike girlfriend is three months along. ” Meanwhile, Kim is not happy that she is unable to move on with her life and that she is still tied to second husband Humphries.

I'm a Notre Dame girl and to that poster who stated reggie never did anything bad, that is wrong, he was involved in a scandal that was worthy of ESPN doing a piece on it, so he isn't a choir boy either.

I HATE reggie Douche not because he's dating kim but because I HATE any player from USfunky C.

Stop putting so much hateful energy into these comments and channel it into bettering yourself.Just like Miss G stated Black men like reggie B should not be representing us on this level.. fuck the haters He looks incredible and I hear he's a really nice guy. Not cause he's dating a white woman (half my family, and i'm sure a lot of yours', are mixed to some degree) but cause he's dating HER. But seriously, don't a lot of the more bitter ones on this site get tired of being so damn angry regarding interracial relationships? This obsession with race has gone a little too far. If he prefers caucasian women who's to say that's necessarily wrong? Just go and find the millions of black males who either don't have a preference for one or the other or are particularly partial to black women! Stacey: I am SOOOOOOO dissapointed in some of the YBF women right now.btw NO we don't know her personally, but we do know she craves attention, that she is a liar, that she is not bright unless it comes to selling her body for money..thats a great representation for a man that supposingly does all this great stuff like charity work...i would love for my son to bring something like that home..and i'm inter-racial as well and I did not take anything personal about what anyone said..need to get a grip dear and further more all of u DON'T KNOW KIM... ur just fuckin jealous and thats why yall damn women are fucking single cuz ur fucking miserable and your all haters I think love is love, and he's dating a woman not an alien, he's still a black man, he's in a relationship, and he has a right to express his views, and Kim is not completely white she is middle eastern, not that it matters. Reggie is a successful, good looking man who is a great role model for young boys who want to go to college and excel in sports – you don’t ever hear about him and drugs, firearms, blah, blah, jail, etc.Hell college educated black women have a hard time finding someone to commit. This magazine has nothing to do with being a role model, but black love. Maybe he likes Kim because she is a hard-working individual that provides for herself and sticks close to her family.These comments make black women seem like such haters...

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She is livid with Kris for dragging this out, but she won’t cave in to his demands that she admit the marriage was fraudulent. “Publicly, Kim is putting on a very brave face, but she just isn’t happy with the status of her personal life.