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(via The Nation) reports that a controversial new dorm rule has been enacted at Barnard College, the all-girls sister school of Columbia University, that restricts overnight guests to "no more than three consecutive nights and no more than six nights total in any 30-day period." Dorm desk attendants have also been assigned log books to keep a record of guests, and the women are required to come down with their guest in order to sign them out in the morning.

Some undergraduates at the college interpret this new set of rules as the administration's patronizing way of slut-shaming and policing the students' sex lives.

In the spring of 1889, responding to a request by Annie Nathan Meyer and others to establish a formal annex for women's education at Columbia, the Trustees agreed to provide a space and Columbia faculty members to teach women.

And thus, on October 7, 1889, Barnard College was born.

Columbia University plays no role in admitting Barnard students.

Academically, the two schools offer near-complete course cross-registrations to students of the other institution, and Barnard graduates receive their degrees from the Trustees of Columbia University, a tradition dating back to the Collegiate Course for Women, before Barnard's foundation.

Barnard is institutionally and financially independent, while academically and socially linked to Columbia.

Barnard students, unlike their Columbia College counterparts, do not have a Core Curriculum, but rather engage in an elaborate distribution requirement known as the Nine Ways of Knowing, which includes a tailor-made First Year Seminar and a number of electives within a given number of categories.

There are many notable Barnard alumnae including Anna Quindlen, '74, Martha Stewart, '62, and Jhumpa Lahiri, '89.

The heart of Barnard's campus is Barnard Hall, aligned with the Barnard gates and the main east-west axis of the Columbia campus.

It was built in the style of Columbia's academic buildings across the street and houses the college's athletic facilities, including Le Frak Gymnasium and the Barnard pool, as well as classrooms and lecture halls.

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With some exceptions, students at both institutions participate in an integrated social scene, including access to the same extra-curricular activities.