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The location indicates a connection to the Mesopotamian gods of creation: Enki, the god of wisdom and freshwater, and his wife, Ninhursag.

The ancient land of Dilmun was part of a Mesopotamian trade route in the 2nd century BC and written about by the Sumerians on clay tablets.So Glob’s discovery that he was digging up a completely unique civilization on these islands changed the history of Bahrain.Bog people discovery Glob is most famous for his work on the bog people discovered in the peat bogs in Jutland in the 1950s.Three limestone temples were uncovered, each built on top of each other, dating back to 2500 BC.Underneath the structures were a water spring and the remains of an ancient basin, believed to have been used in the temple to wash worshippers.

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Initially the locals who discovered them thought they were recent murder victims, but Glob quickly ascertained that they had actually been naturally mummified and dated from the 4th century BC.