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Back dating vista back to xp

Windows XP has enjoyed the longest run of any Windows OS ever. Support ended for those main desktop variants back in April 2014.It's possible that Windows 10 will break the streak, now that Microsoft is no longer releasing monolithic upgrades every few years. Nevertheless, there are still some machines that are clinging to the legacy OS. » Windows » Windows 7 It's very possible to remove Windows 7 and switch back to Windows XP. In my opinion, however, switching back to Windows XP is a mistake. Notenboom, © 2011 Reverting any machine capable of running Windows XP back to it - known as "downgrading" - is actually very simple: get a copy and install it.And, if your machine is capable of running Windows 7, then it's probably quite capable of running Windows XP.That's right, Microsoft has issued a rare patch for the defunct operating system, along with a few other versions of Windows, to protect against a 'wormable' exploit that could spread from infected PC to infected PC in a similar manner as Wanna Cry.This is a remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2019-0708) that is present in Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services).That said, extended support has finally come to an end for the last supported version of Windows that was based on Windows XP. Designed for point-of-sale devices, this is not the same OS that most users remember, dating back to before Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and now Windows 10.

I believe that it's a mistake to intentionally revert to a dying horse however beloved it might be. Folks with older machines who continue to use Windows XP often have very valid reasons for staying there.

Microsoft is doing the unthinkable: it's enabling Windows Vista haters to downgrade to Windows XP.

Microsoft isn't actively promoting the offering, but has clearly conceded that some customers need to have XP.

On its website machines don't have a Windows Vista symbol hanging over them, but a 'Windows XP optional' logo.

A posting on etailer Dabs' site talks up the opportunity with Sony's Vaio range: "If you're not ready for Vista, you can downgrade to Windows XP without affecting your Sony Vaio warranty and switch back to Vista at any time."And business stalwart the IBM Think Pad doesn't miss out.

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As noted by Tech Republic, extended support for the defunct OS ended this past Tuesday, which officially puts a fork in the Windows NT 5.1 product family.

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