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Discomfort and tenderness caused by piercings can vary from person to person, depending on their individual pain threshold, but this articles sets out what we know from anecdotal evidence about how much septum piercings hurt. It can help to remember that lots of things hurt, and you’re not going to avoid every physical pain in your life anyway, so you might as well get something worthwhile out of some of that pain.

Also, everyone who has gotten a septum piercing (or any other piercing) went through the pain and came out fine.

Other examples of traditional septum jewelry can be found in Bengali cultures (the Nathori), with septum and nose adornments denoting marital status amongst women. Because of the potential strength of the visual statement, it can take a certain degree of subtlety to get this piercing right.

In today’s piercing environment, we aren’t just talking about primitive pieces of bone (although if that’s your style, you won’t struggle to find exactly that!

And for those who fear to take the ‘bull by the horns,’ you can have an identical look without any needles coming near you whatsoever, with a huge variety of fake piercings on the market.

If you’ve had other facial piercings, piercing the septum will be quite similar.

The piercing professional will clean the area to be pierced with an antiseptic cleanser, and they will examine and mark the area that needs to be pierced.

Because the septum piercing look can be so striking, it’s a piercing that you should take some time to decide on.

There are many factors to consider, not least of which the fact that individual nasal anatomy should be taken into consideration – in terms of a comfortable fit, and whether or not the sweet spot can accommodate a straight and even piercing.

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Here’s an idea of how much a septum piercing hurts compared to other piercings, based on various people’s experiences.

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