Are justin timberlake and cameron diaz still dating

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that Timberlake was the one part of her life she still owned, and she wanted to keep it that way.

However, after they tied the knot the following year, these two both started down the slippery slope to oversharing.

Their instant chemistry apparently proved too much for JT's ex, actress Cameron Diaz–the star reportedly arranged for Timberlake to get her digits that evening, and while Timberlake insists he did all the leg work early in the relationship, sources close to the couple paint a different picture.

Sources say no third party is to blame for the split.

And she believed Cameron was saying that if Justin was having second thoughts about the wedding, she would be waiting for him with open arms.”Biel was supposedly so haunted by the thought, she allegedly rushed to confront Timberlake in Puerto Rico, where he's shooting a movie, and left him with an ultimatum: cut off all contact with Diaz or their wedding is off!


"We didn't kiss for a very long time because he was on tour," she said, "and we were talking on the phone, like normal pre-teens do, we were just chatting on the phone for hours.

So, we never Both celebs tried to keep Timberbiel under wraps when they initially hooked up in 2007.

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' People' magazine says he "asked" her to remove her belongings from the house after she made that public apology for hooking up with movie director Rupert Sanders.

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