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Are james lafferty and bethany galeotti dating

Viewers become so invested in their fates that no plotline was crazy enough to drive them away - not even a dog chowing down on Dan’s transplant heart.Even the show’s most ardent supporters can admit that it continued on past its expiration date, but most fans stuck with OTH to the bitter ends.Sure, Felix wasn’t exactly well fleshed-out to begin with, but Copon’s performance never felt believable.That, coupled with the extreme lack of sparks between him and Brooke, gave the character a very lackluster arc overall.

Felix was more of an annoyance than anything and no one missed him after he left Tree Hill.He wasn’t a particularly interesting character in his own right and he didn’t have much chemistry with Brooke.Perhaps if someone other than Michael Copon was cast in the role, he could've found a way to make Felix more compelling.Chad Michael Murray had major chemistry with both Hilarie Burton and, of course, with Sophia Bush.However, Murray and Mc Manus failed to light up the screen even a little bit.

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Played by someone other than Hilarie Burton, Peyton Sawyer could’ve been a really annoying character.

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