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Its long-term support has been vital in helping the Association undertake broad-based research on corporate governance in Asia, in particular "CG Watch", the collaborative survey we carry out every two years with CLSA.We also extend our thanks to CLSA for being a Principal Sponsor of our annual conference every year since the inception of the event in 2001.On Valentine’s Day, the widely practiced celebration of love, the two will spend their time just like any busy couple juggling work, school and love.“For tonight, we will probably just study, maybe drink some beer and eat some chocolate,” Michal said.“We’ve never been a couple that does flowers and all that stuff,” said Ahmed.ACGA was founded in 1999 from a belief that sound and improving corporate governance is fundamental to the long-term development of Asian economies and capital markets.CLSA has been a Founding Sponsor of ACGA since 2001.But Michal, 23, who works at a pro-peace NGO, and Ahmed, 25, an engineering student at the Technion in Haifa, are a young success story.They have requested exclusion of their last names for privacy.

With this growing demand, we know that our impact can grow exponentially. In every location where we have a school, our growing communities are trailblazing shared living in the face of tribal conflict and division.Our mission is to grow, and build a Hand in Hand school in every mixed Jewish-Arab city throughout the country, leveraging a shift from conflict to cooperation for all of Israeli society.The Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) is an independent, non-profit membership organisation dedicated to working with investors, companies and regulators in the implementation of effective corporate governance practices throughout Asia.She added that her father is supportive but more cautious.“Dad said, ‘I support you and I love you,’ but asked questions like ‘How will you raise your kids? ’” By creating what they call a “bubble,” Michal and Ahmed have been able to maintain a semblance of normality in their relationship.

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“When [the far-right activists] knew that I am hanging with a Jewish girlfriend, they didn’t except that.