Android google maps real time updating dating fish iun sea

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You get all the information right from Google’s servers, with the ability to download maps for offline navigation.

I didn't find any appropriate function in the Polyline Options class (the function add() is only to add a vertex but not to update or remove) do you have any idea how to update the polyline ??? *I have already done working on updating polyline path without removing the polyline.

I have google Map (v2) with polyline that presents a route between the user current location and the destination point.

Now, I want to update the polyline according to the user moving.

If you want to develop this type of application then need to understand all of following point: Location API - You need to understand about location api which will provide you live location data using combination of cell tower data or Wifi Signal and GPS, Fusion Location api is the good one as per my understanding, another also available, API for Live live update - You need to configure API or mechanism which update live location on your server or friend.

Navigation is one of the essential modern day features that smartphones provide us.

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We can do this by changing the points of that polyline. This is the logic of setting new points to polyline. /*Helper Direction Finder is a class that I create to call google API and I used this class to get directions routes*/ /*I have created Service, and I'm calling this lines below after 5 sec.