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Here are some things you need to know if you are in love with someone who is a hidden sociopath. Spock – sure, he’s got all the answers when it comes to science and can be a valuable asset in a crisis, but he won’t quite understand all these human emotions that keep brewing inside you.

While having a partner who can keep their cool in heated situations and always look for a rational solution may seem like a good deal at first, there will be situations where you’ll just want your partner to let go and share in your excitement or sadness.

People will tell you this and that about sociopaths, and they are usually painted in a negative light.

However, you’ll find that emotions have a sliding scale – just because someone doesn’t exhibit the same amount of emotion in the same way, doesn’t mean that they don’t care about anyone.

In fact, it’s their love of excitement that makes sociopaths so appealing.

The thrill of the hunt, the wind rushing pass them – these are the things that stimulate them.

There are plenty of relationships out there that are healthy, and many fabulous guys out there too.

We see plenty of depictions of sociopaths in fiction, but they tend to be fairly two-dimensional characters and often play the villains.

They don’t try to put themselves in another person’s shoes, tell it like it is, or do the right thing – sociopaths look past morality and see an intricate web of events, bound by cause and effect, which can be manipulated to serve a higher purpose.

Apart from a few select people close to them, sociopaths don’t really care about hurting or manipulating others to achieve their own goals.

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