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Men are guilty of many of these ten things too, but perhaps I'd say men more often inflate their job title or position.

We may be suspicious of how successful you say you are because we lied on our own profile about this one!

As long as you are in a season where you are prepared to marry if God brought the right person into your life, I believe dating can he a healthy activity if you hope to have a Christian marriage one day.

However, when it comes to dating a good friend, I don’t believe this decision should be made so lightheartedly.

Best to leave those qualities out of your profile and show, don't tell.

Your Interest in Sports If a woman says how much she loves a sport, a man might be suspicious about whether she is just trying to appeal to how much he loves that sport.

If you want to stand out from the rest, talk about the things you love to do now, like eat brunch or binge-watch Netflix, so you'll attract someone you're compatible with.

I don't recommend saying this on your profile because a) everyone says it so you don't stand out from the crowd at all and b) even if you do love to travel, if you haven't lately it might get real awkward real quick when he starts grilling you about all your recent vacations.Wanting to date your Christian friend can cause all kinds of confusion and doubts about what to do.On what hand it is exciting to think about dating a great friend.If a guy has had that experience, he's likely to be wary of you stating that you just want to be friends-with-benefits.At the end of the day, both genders tend to stretch the truth on the items above, but they also tend to be part of the most generic profiles.

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What You're Looking for Romantically If you say you're looking for something casual a guy may not take that at face value.

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