Adventures in dating mandy

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Adventures in dating mandy

The series is centered around the exploits of Grim (voiced by Greg Eagles), a Jamaican accented Reaper and Billy (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz), a completely idiotic and happy-go-lucky boy.

They are constantly assisted by Mandy (Grey De Lisle), a cynical and merciless girl.

Notice I used ‘enjoy’ more than once; enjoy was the operative word.

Nevertheless, for some reason my coworkers and friends were so intent on ensuring my love life was on a steady course, they overlooked the word enjoy.

I would not want you dating my sister.” “She available? And by the way, watching cars drive around in circles is not recreation. The only physical exercise involved is lifting the TV remote and possibly carrying a beer into the den.

Unless you go to a race,” laugh, “and I went, remember, and ‘recreation’ was limited to jumping up every other lap to see who ran into whom.” By the time Donna had written down all the rules, I was not sure if any woman would be going out with me.

Dating is not bliss enjoyment; it’s looking, testing, impressing, and re-looking.

Not that you cannot have fun on a date; it’s just that dates are intended to be predictable events that normally fit a routine acceptable by both parties.

We, or more correctly, Donna worked out the ground rules, “No blind dates; period. I didn’t think they can date.” “Dave, this is why I ruled out sisters. ” “Trust me on this one, if she likes NASCAR, Chevy Silverados, or eating mint chocolate chip ice cream straight out of a half-gallon container it’s a nonstarter.

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I had visions of just being who I was and everything would work itself out.

Which meant maneuvering within a ‘couples’ world as a single person, and not feeling self-conscious being a ‘party of one.’ For the most part it worked because I had spent a good deal of time on the road for work, so party of one’ y’all was old hat.

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She takes on a ‘third grade teacher’s look’, “Oh, one last thing for the list, I get to pre-rate the prospects.” “Why, so you can date her first?