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Adultery dating man married

There are some limited data to bolster Wolfinger’s point, however. Whisman at the University of Colorado at Boulder found that even though the percentage of Americans who think extramarital sex is “always wrong” significantly declined in the General Social Survey from 2000 to 2016, the survey’s respondents reported a small but statistically significant decline in the lifetime prevalence of extramarital sex in the same time period.

Because people today wait longer than previous generations to get married, many simply might be selecting the actual right person for them.It’s hard to draw firm conclusions about generations, but Wolfinger’s analysis might be pointing to changing behavior among the subset of Millennials who do choose to get married.To get a sense of how married Millennials think about commitment, I reached out to married Millennials and Gen Xers through Twitter to ask those who are convinced they would never cheat on their spouse: Why? Twitter, obviously, is not a representative sample of the U.In fact, people born between 19—that is, people currently between 60 and 79 years old—were the ones who reported the highest rates of extramarital sex.Americans have been asked the infidelity question in every iteration of the General Social Survey, a broad questionnaire about cultural attitudes, since 1991.

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