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Chatty Kidz has rich multimedia functions, such as browsing through a picture library and instant picture sharing, taking a photo during a call and mutual interaction with pictures during a video-chat.These interactive features bring kids and close relatives together, making a video-chat fun and educative.The end product delivered is an i Pad video-chat application for families with young children.The platform can be easily configured by parents to restrict their children’s access to unwanted contacts.Each is identified by the app name, developer, i Tunes URL, intended audience, content, and a brief description. Next, go to the developer’s web site for more information and user reviews. Pay attention to the poor reviews as well as the positive ones!All are affordable for the teaching professional or parent. Use your expertise to critically evaluate the content; many apps described as reinforcing “phonemic awareness” actually dealt with phonics (letter-sound correspondences) or phonological awareness (syllables and rhyming tasks).i Pads start instantly and can be closed in the middle of an activity at a moment’s notice. Next, do a web search using the name of a specific app.

Here's how to enable the right parental restrictions so that you can set time limits and make sure your young'uns are gaming healthily.

Using i Pads for literacy instruction opens up many stimulating opportunities.

These tablet computers are portable, easy to use, and there are countless “educational” i Pad applications, or apps, available.

Include: (a) the name of the app (b) the developer (c) the URL (d) the intended user (student, student-teacher, or teacher utility) (e) the domain (phonological / phonemic awareness, phonics–both reading and spelling–, fluency, vocabulary, morphology, text comprehension, written expression. The courses she developed are among the nine university programs officially recognized by the International Dyslexia Association for meeting the Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.

Copyright © 2013 International Dyslexia Association (IDA). If portions are cited, please make appropriate reference.

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With i OS, you can set time limits on any app in order to encourage healthy usage. I've seen adults rack up thousands of dollars of in-app purchases on purpose, let alone kids doing it by accident (or on purpose, not understanding the repercussions).