Accommodating single parents at work

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And yet another employer fights vigorously against an employee seeking accommodation of her child care needs only to lose the legal battle ….. On March 10, 2015 the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench (“Court”) released its decision in upholding the Arbitrator’s order that the unionized employee (the “Grievor”) be assigned straight day shifts rather than work alternating day and night shifts to accommodate her child care responsibilities.

The Grievor in this case was a single mother of two children under the age of 6. She relocated from Newfoundland to Fort Mc Murray Alberta to pursue her career in welding.

"After five to eight absences, you could be terminated."If you're unclear as to what an "unexcused" absence entails, check your company's policy.

Prearranged vacation days never fall into this category.

If you established that you'd be leaving early on Wednesdays but now you're leaving early on Mondays and Wednesdays, or occasionally on Thursdays, that's a problem."You can't just switch it around to whatever day suits you.

Taking advantage of flexible arrangements Some employees become a little too comfortable with their flexible work schedules and start making it work only for them, not their employer.Your employer must give you your job back if you return to work when those 12 weeks are up, says employment attorney Christina Stoneburner with Fox Rothschild Stoneburner.To qualify for FMLA, you must have worked for at least one year for an employer that has 50 or more employees."The issue of caring for an elderly parent or a family member with a serious illness is more common than you might think.But if they're going to run up and down the halls or if your office just isn't a good place for kids, then take a vacation day and stay home with them."If you're out of vacation days, in some cases it's better to take an unpaid day and stay home with your kids than it is to bring them into the office.Also, keep in mind that just because you've seen your boss' children at the office from time to time doesn't mean it's OK for you to bring yours."If you bring your child in every time school is closed, people will start to say, 'Wait a minute, why are your children here again?

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While having a family isn't a protected class, FMLA offers some protection for people when their spouse, child or parent is facing a severe health issue," Stoneburner says.

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