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He also states that he began the process to execute the trades before anyone had asked to interview him.He also pointed out that the options exercised were granted, and the exercise price was set, long before the exercise date.These and other concerns are obviously the reason why many other companies are declining to reimburse executives for repriced options.The fact that many companies have declined to make these cash payments certainly puts the companies that are making the payments in a conspicuous spot – the front page of the , for starters.(This is a conclusion that Professor Ribstein overtly draws.) Whatever the theoretical debate might be about the propriety of backdating, now is a particularly poor time for companies to suggest that backdating was a calculated part of their intended compensation scheme.Finally, with all of the scrutiny on executive compensation in general right now, providing executives with immediate cash payment for flawed variable compensation sends a very provocative message – particularly as at least some of the companies involved, according to the article, have not yet determined how they will treat backdated options by nonexecutive employees.In its most basic form, backdating can range from the blatant falsification of a document to take advantage of a lower stock price to allowing executives to select a grant date during a specified period, for example during the 30 days after the grant is approved by the board or committee.

As between the executives and investors, who ought to absorb the compensaion consequences involved with cleaning up the mess?SEC Chairman Christopher Cox recently stated that the proposed SEC rules on disclosure of executive compensation will “almost certainly address options backdating explicitly.” I. Companies have considerable discretion in determining the timing of stock option awards.Most employee stock options are, or purport to be, granted “at-the-money,” meaning that the exercise price of the option equals the market price of the underlying stock on the date of the grant.In his letter, Hurd defended the stock transactions, which took place two weeks before the pretexting scandal broke, and the same day as he was questioned by H-P’s outside counsel in connection with the internal investigation surrounding the abrupt resignation of former H-P board member Tom Perkins.Hurd specifically wrote that “My August trade was not a case of bullet dodging.” Hurd stated that the trade was part of his regularly scheduled trading plan, established on the advice of his financial planner and broker, and consistent with the legal opinion he received from H-P’s counsel in advance of the trades.

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By converting that investment risk into fixed cash, the element of shared interest is eliminated.