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But the arrival in recent years of tens of thousands of unaccompanied teenage boys from Afghanistan, Syria and North Africa is also having a significant impact.Sweden's biggest male surplus is in the 15-19 age group, where there are 108 boys for every 100 girls.That imbalance could grow to 115-to-100 this year when the impact of last year's record number of asylum-seekers — including more than 35,000 unaccompanied minors — is reflected in the population statistics.Valerie Hudson, director of a program on women, peace and security at Texas A&M University, said this should make Swedes concerned, because her research has linked skewed sex ratios in China and India to more violence against women and higher crime levels.Eurostat projects the male-female gap will dip below 1 million in 2080.But such projections are highly uncertain, as the Swedish example shows.Yet related debates have even spread to Swedish swimming pools, where many cities now offer women-only hours in an effort to accommodate conservative Muslim residents, as The Christian Science Monitor reported this month.Providing Muslim women with a comfortable environment to enjoy exercise and community centers is a step in the right direction, many say, while others feel that sex-segregated swimming threatens values of gender equality.

That gap is projected to narrow in coming decades "mainly because of the decreasing gap in life expectancy," said Eurostat spokeswoman Baiba Grandovska.

But it may be a sign of things to come in Europe as changes in life expectancy and migration transform demographics."This is a novel phenomenon for Europe," said Francesco Billari, a University of Oxford demographer who is president of the European Association for Population Studies.

"We as researchers have not been on top of this."The tipping point in Sweden happened in March last year, when population statistics showed 277 more men than women. While that's still small in a population of almost 10 million, it's "not unreasonable" to suspect that Sweden will have a big male surplus in the future, said Tomas Johansson, a population expert at the national statistics agency, SCB.

Equality Minister Asa Regner, of the governing Social Democrats, twice turned down requests to be interviewed.

The main opposition party, the center-right Moderates, also declined to comment.

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Sweden's rapid shift to a male majority — which experts didn't see coming just 10 years ago — has triggered debate among some feminists about the potential impact on women in one of the world's most egalitarian countries.

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